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Bitcoin And Its Use


Bitcoin is a new form of currency that was created in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto and is a real breakthrough. Since its inception, it has managed to become the most popular payment system in the gambling industry. Despite all the possibilities of other online payment systems, such as MasterCard, Bitcoin has successfully established itself as a real currency.


Although more and more players use Bitcoins on betting sites and online casinos every day, there are still a lot of people who have no idea what it actually is. 


First of all, Bitcoin is an online payment system that allows people to make anonymous transactions using Bitcoin currency. Unlike other systems, such as MasterCard and PayPal, it does not use intermediaries and works in a peer-to-peer network. In addition, this currency is not regulated by any central organization. This is one of the reasons why it has gained such popularity, as people have the opportunity to conduct financial transactions on their own, without the intervention of any third parties.


The currency is in the electronic wallet, which makes it a virtual currency or electronic money, since it exists only in the form of a complex code. You can store it on websites that specialize in hosting electronic wallets or on your own computer, and use it the way you want. Moreover, you can have as many Bitcoin addresses or Bitcoin wallets as you need, and all of your data will remain anonymous.


Bitcoin Deposit Bonus


In the conditions of fierce competition in the online gambling market, Bitcoin casinos do everything they can to attract the attention of customers. Promotions and bonuses of Bitcoin gambling establishments are in no way inferior to conventional casinos, so here you can always find familiar and pleasant preferential offers.


It has long been a known fact that players are much more willing to make their first deposit if the institution can offer a good bonus on investment and give the client a good increase in the starting balance. Experienced players can often turn this cash addition into a real profit. However, before you receive any bonus, you need to take into account several factors that I will describe in this article.


What is the First Deposit Bonus?


As mentioned above, the first deposit bonus is a certain amount of Bitcoins, which will be added to the account after the player made his first payment to the casino. This bonus is a unique offer for new players who have not yet replenished their balance, and you can usually get it only once. Some Bitcoin casinos also offer bonuses for a second and third deposit, but its amount is usually very low comparing to the first deposit.

The amount that is added to your down payment may vary from one establishment to another. The minimum bonus can be as little as 20%, while other casinos can provide you with a 100% bonus and actually double your bankroll right away.


There are also some Bitcoin casinos that do not offer a bonus on the first deposit, and in return give other interesting promotions for beginners. All of these details can be easily found on the website of the gambling establishment.


Things to Consider Before Getting a Deposit Bonus


With the increase of Bitcoin casinos, the list of requirements and rules for receiving a bonus is also expanding. There are several aspects that you should check out before making your first deposit:


  • Eligibility. In most cases you can receive the first deposit bonus any time, regardless of when you registered on the casino website. The main condition is that it has to be the first deposit. Therefore, if you are planning to make a re-deposit, then make sure that the institution offers something for it;

  • Minimum deposit amount. Some casinos set the minimum deposit amount that must be paid to the site in order to be able to get your bonus;

  • Bonus percentage. This is one of the most important points when looking for a new institution. Quite a lot of sites offer a bonus in the region of 100%, so you should not waste your time and attention on offers like 20%, 30%, or even 50%. Also, take a look at the maximum amount that can be added to your account. If the bonus on your first deposit is 100% up to 1 Bitcoin, then more than 1 Bitcoin will not be replenished from above, even if you made a deposit of 10 Bitcoins.


 Wagering Rules


Look for appropriate paragraph of the rules or contact the customer support regarding the possibility of withdrawing the bonus to your wallet. The less scrolling you need to do, the more profitable the bonus will be for you.


The first deposit bonus is especially beneficial for experienced players who are aimed at a long game and are not going to withdraw money from the casino within an hour after the start of the game.


Having quietly won back the bonus, you will significantly add funds to your balance and ensure a more stable game. Also, do not forget that the largest bonus is given only on the first deposit.


Bitcoin No Deposit Bonus


The ability to start playing Bitcoin games without any investments and get a fascinating cash prize is something that every player loves. And Bitcoin casinos themselves don’t providing free bonuses in order to get the so needed attention of customers.


No deposit bonuses have become especially popular for several reasons. The most obvious one is that players do not need to deposit their own money to play games. Receiving a free bonus allows you to try the full range of entertainment and helps you decide whether to make a deposit or not.


Secondly, the free Bitcoin casino bonus can be considered a reward  for spending your time and registering at a gambling establishment. Everything is fair: you register, and the casino gives you the opportunity to get used to it and test the games.


And there is one last reason. After the player fulfills the requirements for wagering the bonus, he will be able to withdraw all of the money to his wallet. Who wouldn’t like receiving Bitcoins without any investments?


Who Will Benefit the Most From This Terrific Bonus


No deposit bonus gives you a great opportunity to get acquainted with the casino. In particular, this bonus is attractive for those players who do not have extra funds to spend on casino games.


Users who are planning to play in the casino for a long time will not be so interested in free offers, since the size of these bonuses is usually very small for a pleasant game.


Rules for Obtaining a No Deposit Bonus


There is no need to make a deposit to receive this bonus, but there are several other requirements and restrictions related to the issue of a no deposit bonus. Here is everything you need to know:


  •  Bid Requirement. This restriction is a way used by Bitcoin casinos to protect their investments from players who just want to receive a bonus, immediately withdraw it to their wallet and never return to the casino. The rules say that a player needs to make a certain amount of bets before he can cash out his winnings; Most of the time this amount is equal to the amount of the bonus issued, multiplied by 35. That is, if you received a no deposit bonus of 10 mBTC, in order to withdraw you will need to make bets for at least 350 mBitcoins. The coefficient can vary from 10 to 100, so carefully study the amount of bets you need to make;

  • The right to receive a bonus. Following the requirements of many regular casinos, Bitcoin gambling sites give out no-deposit bonuses only to new players who never had a registered account in their casino;

  • Limit withdrawal before making a deposit. Another frequent requirement of a Bitcoin casino is to make at least a minimum deposit before being able to withdraw a wagered bonus. This procedure helps eliminate the possibility of fraud. However, you have nothing to worry about. You can make a deposit and immediately withdraw it along with bonus funds, so this security measure does not bring any difficulties;

  • Games. Perhaps the most unpleasant feature of no deposit Bitcoin bonuses is the limitation of the list of games in which you can wager the bonus. You simply won’t be able to play some of the games, and you won’t be able to try them until you make a deposit. This might not sound like something important to you, but if your game is on the ban list, then you won’t be able to play it for free.


No deposit bonus is a great opportunity to play Bitcoin casinos without investing any money. With some success, you may even be able to win real money and withdraw it to your wallet. To do this, carefully read the terms and conditions of each bonus. 


Bitcoin Free Spins


In the world of online gambling, the word "free" is always perceived with caution. How can something be free when it comes to real wins and money? Free spins is one of the most common promotions in regular casinos, but now it is also widely used in the marketing campaigns of Bitcoin casinos.


This is a common bonus that is used for ​​attracting new players and reactivating old ones. With free spins, you will be able to play your favorite slot, spinning the wheel several rounds at the expense of the casino. Every Bitcoin you win from these spins will be added to your account. Everything sounds pretty simple, and it really is. However, you still need to pay attention to some details.


What Exactly is a Free Spin?


Free spins is a promotion organized by Bitcoin casinos to invite customers to try out a list of some slots. This bonus usually includes a number of free spins, which can be done in a particular game in this Bitcoin casino.


There are two types of free spins. The first one is usually given during your registration in the casino, and the second one can be earned directly inside the slot game itself.


An important thing to consider when choosing a free spin bonus from the whole variety offered is the ability to combine this type of promotions with any other promotions of this Bitcoin casino. Some establishments may limit your first deposit bonus if you have already received free spins. This means that you may have a choice, so carefully read the rules for receiving bonuses before making a request on them.


Which Games Offer Free Spins?


The offer of games varies from one casino to another. However, most of them have slots or similar games. Many Bitcoin casinos have at least one slot machine in their arsenal, which means they can offer free spins for this game.


If the list of games is long, then try to find those that have free spin bonuses and do not miss the opportunity to try to earn Bitcoins without risking your own money.


Also, do not forget about the great opportunity to get free spins at Bitcoin casinos inside the games themselves. This bonus is earned right during the game and will also allow you to increase your income without any risk.


The idea of ​​getting free spins is very promising for beginners, but finding a good bonus in a Bitcoin casino is quite problematic. And if you did manage to find such bonus, then be sure to read the rules for receiving it in order to protect yourself from all sorts of problems with the further receipt of other bonuses. 


Bitcoin Progressive Jackpots


When we talk about major wins in the world of Bitcoin gambling, it is often the progressive jackpots that are responsible for the bright news headlines. They work very simply: every time a player bets on Jackpot slot or a video poker game, the scanty part of the amount deposited is sent to one massive prize pool.


Very often, this single fund is formed by players from completely different sites, so it can have a crazy growth rate and reach several tens of Bitcoins. Finally, there is that lucky person who will make the spin and receive incredible prize money. After that, the prize pool is reset to zero or a certain starting amount.


Bitcoin Casinos With the Biggest Jackpot


Currently, almost every cryptocurrency gambling establishment boasts the presence of several Jackpot gaming machines. The two best Bitcoin casinos when it comes to biggest jackpot are:


  • Bitcasino;

  • Bitstarz.


By choosing one of the sites on this list, you can be 100% sure that the winnings will be fully paid to the wallet. Do not try your luck at the resources of unscrupulous scammers who promise unrealistic things. It will be easier for them to close their site than to pay you honestly earned money.


How to Withdraw Your Jackpot?


One of the most important things to consider when participating in progressive games is the Bitcoin casino payout policy. There are several institutions that limit the withdrawal options for one calendar month. For example, the following may be written in the rules: "In one month, a player can withdraw no more than 40 Bitcoins." However, in the best institutions, such rules do not apply.


It would be a shame to receive the whole sum after years. Therefore, always study the rules. It only takes a few minutes, but it can protect you from all sorts of pitfalls. 


Bitcoin Dice Bonuses


Many of us remember and love the game of dice. It is very simple, easy to understand and fun, although it has certain mathematical laws. But if in childhood we played dice, not really understanding the methodology of winning, then in adulthood we certainly understand that it is quite possible to earn money on it. With the advent of the Internet, there are also sites where you can play dice, including Bitcoin casinos.


The majority of people think that in order to play dice, they first need to make a deposit. Therefore, many refuse the idea of ​​spending the evening in an online casino.


How to Start Playing Without Depositing a Cent?


In fact, there is nothing complicated in this matter. You can start playing dice in a Bitcoin casino without making a deposit, as many casinos offer a variety of bonuses. They basically give out free money, so that you can get a taste of the game and try different types of online entertainment. Let’s take a look at the types of bonuses you can get in Bitcoin dice game.


Firstly, many casinos offer free Bitcoins in order for you to get comfortable on the site. All you have to do to get the bonus is register. By the way, many Bitcoin casinos give you additional cash for registration.


The sum is different everywhere. Some portals charge about 200 Satoshi, and the generous ones can give you from 500 to 1000 mBTC. Usually it all depends on the amount of the minimum bet in the game and your loyalty to the resource. For example, the more often you place bets on the portal, the more free coins you can get.


Also, many casinos accrue bonuses on their first deposit. Most of the time this is 50% of the amount deposited. In this case, everything depends on the number of coins that you have deposited. 


Bitcoin casinos also have affiliate programs that charge you Bitcoins if someone visited your link and started playing dice.

And the last bonus you can get is free coins, which are issued with reference to some holiday date. For example, you can receive some free coins on Thanksgiving as a gift.


A fair question arises - is it possible to simply withdraw the received free bonus from the casin? Answer: yes, but not quite. Most gaming resources do not prohibit withdrawing bonus funds, but set certain limits before you can withdraw them.


Bitcoin Slots


If you are looking for the largest collection of Bitcoin games, then it will undoubtedly be slot machines. You can instantly try your luck in any Bitcoin slot you like on one of the casino sites that I recommend for the game.


The site that is worth visiting to get acquainted with the widest variety of slot machines is the BitCasino. This is one of the few Bitcoin casinos where you can safely use Bitcoin funds without fear for your income, because this online portal was designed specifically for players from all over the world with good protection and the largest selection of Bitcoin slots in the world.


One of the advantages of playing on this site is that you do not have to download the casino platform to your computer. To access Bitcoin slot machines,  you only need your username and password, and no unnecessary software. Your will be able to access your account in any part of the world, and you can play games on any device.


Below are some of the most popular Bitcoin slots.


Greedy Goblin


Try to pick up all the treasures that the Goblins have hidden in the deepest depths of the forest. Incredibly exciting gameplay and graphics will not leave any slot machine lover indifferent. A well-thought-out system of free spins, a crazy jackpot, as well as 30 paylines will reward you with coins. 


Sugar Pop


An incredibly colorful adventure awaits you together with the Sugar Pop slot. The fun here does not stop for a minute. Permanent bonuses, rewards for completing levels, as well as new heroes will appear throughout your game here. You better watch out, because this slot is so exciting that it can easily immerse you in the game for several hours. 


 5 Dragons


The classic and fairly simple 5 Dragons slot will appeal to all lovers of the good old slots. A clear bonus system, the ability to customize the number of winning lines, as well as a conservative oriental design will allow you to safely enjoy your favorite game without unnecessary graphic effects.


Bitcoin Blackjack


I am pleased to announce that you will be very surprised by the number of blackjack games when searching for an online casino accepting Bitcoins. However, you should be careful when choosing the gambling establishment, as not all Bitcoin casinos can offer excellent service, customer support and instant payments.


One of the advantages of playing Bitcoin blackjack is the ability to remain anonymous, which means that any problems with making a deposit and getting your winnings back are eliminated. You also won’t have to wait forever before the winnings are withdrawn to your wallet. 


Before you start playing blackjack, you need to decide on a budget. Many online casinos set unreasonably high minimums for bets when you connect to their blackjack games.


If you play in one of the recommended casinos, then you will see a wide selection of Blackjack tables with all kinds of bets. You can enjoy the game with a minimum bet of 5.00, and at the same time, if you want to play big, you can always raise your bet to 200.00 in one hand. Thus, you can always control the amount.


The rules for playing are absolutely fair:if the dealer got 17 or higher in his hand, he won’t be able take any more cards. If the dealer has less than 17 in his hand, then he will be required to take a card.


You will also be offered insurance if the dealer has the opportunity to score 21 points. Insure the distribution, and if the dealer collects the combination cherished for him, you will still win and get a standard payout of 2 to 1.


Bitcoin Blackjack also offers you the opt-out option and quick bets. It will significantly increase the speed of the game, and allow you to play much more blackjack games in one session.


Another great thing about this game is that you can refuse all these modern settings and enjoy the game at your own pace. Nevertheless, the presence of additional functions will allow you to diversify the game and will not let you get bored for a second.


If the game described above is what you are looking for, then feel free to go to the BitCasino website and register a new account. The registration process will take only a few seconds, after which you can plunge headlong into the fascinating world of Blackjack. Be sure to also check out other Bitcoin casino games. They will bring you just as much joy.


Bitcoin Roulette


One of the games that almost all casino lovers respect is roulette. But before you start playing, you need to study several parameters that may affect the future quality and convenience of the game. A good roulette game must have excellent graphics and a large selection of bet sizes in order to be able to raise and lower the amounts that you play with.


As you know, there are many options for playing online roulette. When it comes to finding this popular game on the Bitcoin casino site, you need to consider that the list of roulette types will not be as big.


When playing Bitcoin roulette, it’s best to find a game with a beautiful graphic design and an easy to use interface. This will allow you to always see where the ball is located, as well as easily and quickly place bets on the roulette table.


You also need to pay attention to the limits of the roulette you are playing at. Limits should allow you to make comfortable bets that fit into your gaming budget.


There is also a wonderful Re-bet button that allows you to repeat your previous bet. Once the ball has stopped, you do not need to make unnecessary movements. By clicking on the Re-bet button, the same exact bets will be placed on the table as during the previous rotation of Bitcoin roulette. This option will allow you to play more rounds in one game session.


Are you one of those players who prefer to play on systems or bet on cold / hot numbers? Then be sure to check out BitCasino. Right on the screen they display all the previous roulette results, so following the numbers here is a very simple procedure.


The most suitable type of is American Roulette, with which many of our readers are probably familiar. The minimum bet here is 5.00, and the maximum you can bet 200.00 per spin.


One unique feature that is offered on this popular Bitcoin site is the option to quickly play American Roulette. It allows you to make a much larger number of bets, thereby making the game much more interesting and exciting.

Bitcoin Dice


The selection of Bitcoin gambling is expanding every day. New cryptocurrency casinos, bookmakers and poker rooms start to appear one after another. However, Bitcoin dice is still the most popular game.


It all started with the SatoshiDice website - it was one of the first Bitcoin gambling sites with a very simple betting process. The win was determined by a dice. Soon enough, competitors made quite a lot of similar sites with a wider selection of bets and with different odds for victory.


Thanks to an automated betting process, complete anonymity (players sometimes do not even need to register) and provably fair game technology, Bitcoin dice is considered the most reliable and secure online cryptocurrency game.


Where to Play Bitcoin Dice?


The number of sites that offer dice games is constantly growing. Below you will find an overview of the best representatives of Bitcoin Dice sites. You can play anonymously on each of them and all of them take scanty profits for themselves, so the opportunity to win here is a lot bigger.




This site has earned its reputation by right due to uninterrupted operation, a well-developed design and the presence of impressive settings for bets.


You can try playing PrimeDays for free: every 2 minutes you can get 500 satoshi, as long as your balance is empty. This gives you the chance to earn some money for free, as well as try the game before you decide to make a deposit.


A wide list of settings and the ability to play automatically will allow you to use various gaming systems and constantly come up with new ways to earn money.




The first thing that catches your eye on this Bitcoin dice website is its conceptual design. You can play here indefinitely without any extra graphical bells and whistles.


There is also a robot with settings, thanks to which you can put the game in automatic mode.


If you are looking for quiet entertainment for the evening, then the Rollin website is exactly what you need. 500 free satoshi will not leave you indifferent either.




This is of the brightest sites that will allow you to plunge into the atmosphere of dice. 


Here you can also get free Bitcoins for the game. Every hour you can request 1000 Satoshi if there are not enough funds on your account.


The ability to keep statistics, excellent design and sound design rightfully make the PocketDays website one of the best.



Betting is the only thing you have to do when playing Bitcoin dice. Bet sizes and win odds may vary from site to site.


A distinctive feature of the cryptocurrency game is its complete anonymity. In order to place bets you do not need to enter anything other than the address of your Bitcoin wallet. Once you have made a bet on a certain outcome, the winnings will be credited back to you.


Design And Gameplay


The basic concept of the game is very simple. All you need to do is make a bet by selecting the amount using a special slider or simply entering a number. Chances to win can also be selected in advance, so pay attention before you roll the dice to the percentage of victory you have chosen, and what payment you will receive if it is successful.


Now everything is ready to launch the cube and get a reward if the right number appears. According to the rules of the game, you either win or lose the bet, so there can be no draws. Winning depends on the odds you set before the start of the game.


Types of Dice


Some developers have remade the original concept Bitcoin dice just a bit, adding interesting options for customizing the outcome. In the standard game, you will win if the number drawn is less than the one you previously selected. Now there are opposing versions, where a victory will bring a number larger than the selected one, and there are also versions with a combination of both cases that offer even more chances to win.


One thing to consider is the winning percentage of the gambling house itself. This percentage can vary from 0.5 to 2.


Money Operations


The whole process of playing different versions of dice on Bitcoins is based on bets and the result that either brings you the victory or the loss. All financial transactions are carried out thanks to the address of the Bitcoin wallet, which is essential for you to deposit funds and make a profit.


No third parties are involved in the gameplay. Everything rotates between the site and your Bitcoin wallet.


Some Bitcoin dice sites allow you to make multiple bets in one transaction at once, as well as withdraw winnings to different Bitcoin addresses.




Since the betting process in Bitcoin dice games is completely anonymous, you should not be afraid of the illegal use of your personal data. The service is built in such a way that it works autonomously from any other sites, so depositing and withdrawing funds occurs as quickly and safely as possible.


Anyway, do not forget that it is best to store Bitcoins in your wallet, so do not leave large amounts stored on gaming sites.


Provably Fair Game


This system works great in the field of Bitcoin gambling and allows the player to check the honesty of one or another outcome. This became possible due to the fact that a special code is assigned to each game before the start. After the game is played, this code allows you to find out if the result is correctly displayed. In fair games, the result of checking the code and the result that the gaming site generated is always the same.


Bitcoin Lottery


Lottery is a very popular game, but the winnings here depend on luck more than in any other games. Speaking of Bitcoin lottery, it is much better than the usual versions, which mercilessly steal money from your pocket, leaving there only melodic echoes of an unfulfilled dream.


Bitcoin lottery is the first online lottery that runs on cryptocurrencies and offers its players the latest interface, as well as an independent cryptographic algorithm for choosing winning numbers. The peculiarity of this algorithm is that it uses Blockchain, as well as the Twitter service, to generate winning numbers. This provides 100% protection against fraud, and thanks to the technology of a provably fair game, you can check if the result is fair at any time.


Why Bitcoin? Thanks to the features that cryptocurrencies possess, the game can reach a whole new level of security and speed. The most important advantages of playing the Bitcoin lottery:


  • You can often play without registration

  • Proven fair play

  • Winnings are paid instantly

  • Miserable commission on withdrawal

  • There are no restrictions on your place of residence (play from anywhere in the world)


These games usually offer huge prize pools, which looks pretty tempting. Nevertheless, there are a lot of scam lotteries on the internet, so before you make your money on any site, make sure that you can trust it. 

Always check player reviews - only real players, the same as you and me, can give a decent rating. 




There are several varieties of online lotteries in which you can try your luck. Keep in mind that some regular lotteries may be taxed.  If you participate in state draws, then be sure that a certain tax will be deducted from the amount of winnings. Isn’t it a rather offensive feeling when you have to share an honest win with someone who has nothing to do with it?


Therefore, I recommend that you try the Bitcoin lottery. Participating in it is extremely simple. You just need to choose your favorite numbers and wait for the outcome of the draw, as a result of which several, or even all of your numbers will be chosen by a random generator, and your winnings will be credited to the account.


There are also Bitcoin lotteries, where the winning numbers are selected by live dealers. Draws are held live, so their results are considered the most honest. 


Before spending your cryptocurrency on a lottery ticket, think several times about whether you are ready to part with the money in case of bad luck. Play only the amounts you can afford. Of course, the joy of victory erases all the bitterness of the money spent, but only the most lucky players get truly great winnings.


Bitcoin Video Poker


The list of the Bitcoin casino games wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t mention video poker, which offers its customers many gambling establishments with the possibility of playing in Bitcoin.


The best site to play Bitcoin video poker is BitCasino. It has 20 different variations of this game. And some of the games also provide you the opportunity to win a progressive jackpot.


Varieties of Bitcoin Games


The principle of the work of all video poker games is the same: a certain number of cards falls onto the table, after which you can change some cards in order to collect the largest possible combination. The main difference is the interface design, as well as some subtleties of the payout structure and bonus games.


All versions of video poker can be tried for free at BitCasino. That is, you have a great opportunity to play all 20 games without any investments. After trying several games and finding the one you love most, you can then make a deposit and start winning.


Things You Should Pay Attention to When Playing Bitcoin Video Poker


First of all, open the table of combinations for which you will receive prizes. Most of the time you can win prizes only with a certain combination. Therefore, it is better to know the rules and options for winning in advance.


Almost all video poker games will offer you bonus rounds. This means that you can either double your winnings or lose everything you won in the previous round. Usually you need to guess the color of the next card or its suit. This feature makes the game much more fun, but you should be careful and not try to guess 3-4 steps in a row, as there is too much risk of losing a substantial amount.


If you want to win a lot, be sure to try your luck on jackpot machines. Typically, the amount of jackpot can reach dozens of Bitcoins, so you will be remember the winnings till the rest of your life.


Bitcoin Mobile Casinos


The number of gamblers who set aside their laptops and computers and started using smartphones to play games has increased significantly in recent years. That is why the largest casinos accepting Bitcoins began to pay great attention to creating mobile versions of their games, which can be enjoyed on absolutely any mobile phone.


The biggest plus of Bitcoin casino on a smartphone is that you can play it absolutely anywhere. With it you can go on a long journey, take a bath with sea salt or take a break at work.


Among the games for the phone, a whole host of different slots and video poker games are available. Slot machines are made in a convenient manner and it is very easy to choose a bet or rotate the drum. The list of slot machines is obviously not as huge as in the computer version, but it’s still big enough.


Board games such as roulette and baccarat, and their varieties are also available on a smartphone. Blackjack is also presented.


All these games are made in such a way that you can control all the aspect on the screen in simple touches. 


Choosing the Best Bitcoin Mobile Casino


Despite the fact that the Bitcoin entertainment market is developing rapidly, not all institutions have a version for the phone. Below I have listed gambling sites that keep up with the times and took care of players who prefer to use their mobile gadgets:


  1. BitCasino. This is the most advanced Bitcoin casino for the phone. Here you will find an excellent design, the largest number of games, as well as a convenient navigation system and support services;

  2. BTC-Casino. The design of the mobile version of this site is not so pleasing to the eye. Nevertheless, it can provide the main thing why this site is so loved - popular slots and board games;

  3. CloudBet. It’s quite the opposite with this casino, as you will find an excellent thought-out interface, but the number of games is lacking. That said, if you aren’t planning to spend a lot of time playing games in a Bitcoin casino on your phone, then it’s a fantastic choice.


Bitcoin Mobile Casino Bonuses


All Bitcoin casinos that run on mobile phones offer different forms of registration or deposit bonuses. I recommend to always study the offer of sites, as well as spend time reading the rules and conditions for the provision of a particular bonus.


Bitcoin Exchanges


If you have already registered your cryptocurrency wallet and wonder where and how you can get Bitcoins, then specialized services will come to the rescue. Dozens of sites offer their services for the sale and purchase of Bitcoins, and with each new day there are more and more of them.


However, not everything is so simple. A lot of you might be wondering how to choose a service that will exchange at the best rate, and will for sure transfer your funds to the balance? I have already mentioned that Bitcoin currency is anonymous, and it is impossible to figure out where the coins went. That is why there are a lot of scammers who want to capitalize on the growing popularity of crypto money. 


I have collected information about all worthy services and you can see the list of best Bitcoin exchangers below.




This service exchanges Bitcoin to many other currencies. At the same time, you can use it in the opposite direction, and buy cryptocurrency for your electronic money.


The exchanger works in manual mode, which means that to complete the transaction it is necessary for the resource operator to be online. Given that the operating time of the operators is very decent, this should not be a problem.




The service is recently new, so it still has a long way to go. However, it is already an official partner of several payment systems, which indicates a high level of trust. For example, it is a partner of Perfect Money.




The list of currencies available for exchange contains all the most popular destinations: Qiwi, Yandex Money, Western Union and several popular banks.


In addition, you can profitably exchange BTC-E and Exmo codes, which makes this service an ideal solution for traders on these exchanges.


Exchange Speed


According to the Pay4Bit administration, the entire exchange procedure can take from 5 to 30 minutes during the working hours


After analyzing the reviews, it became clear that in practice the procedure rarely exceeds a five-minute interval, and most of the time in only takes 2-3 minutes to complete a transaction.




You can sell Bitcoins at almost market value, which is good news. Typically, exchangers are not very willing to buy cryptocurrency due to its unstable rate.


At the same time, the rate for buying a coin is slightly higher than the official one.


Please note that the minimum service fee is $2.




Exchanges and assistance are carried out online on weekdays and Saturdays from 11:30 to 21:00. 


There are also plenty of ways to contact the support, including telephone, Jabber, Skype, ICQ, Viber and e-mail.




24xBTC has the best qualities of a Bitcoin exchanger: speed of work, speed of support, a wide selection of directions for buying and selling cryptocurrency, as well as a relatively small commission.




This resource has been operating on the market for more than 5 years. During this time, it received positive reviews from thousands of customers and established partnerships with the largest sites dedicated to Bitcoins. Representatives of 24xBTC are also not afraid of publicity and can often be found at cryptocurrency conferences.




To buy or sell crypto money (Bitcoin and Litecoin) you can use one of the following banking methods: QIWI, Yandex Money, WebMoney, Visa, Mastercard, and many others.


Exchange Speed


In order to ensure security, the exchange takes place manually. But this does not affect the speed of operations, since one of the service agents is always online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


All you have to do is fill out the form with the details, indicate your data, according to which the agent will contact you to clarify the transaction.


Send the changeable amount to your 24xBTC account and in a few minutes you will receive the desired currency back.




Bitcoin can be purchased at an average rate.




You can get a consultation at any day of the week and at any time of the day on any issue. Help is available directly from the site in live chat mode. Agents work very quickly, as my response to the request was received within one minute.


In addition to live chat for clients, more trivial communication methods are available: phone, e-mail, Skype, ICQ and Jabber.


This is a relatively young company offering exchange transactions around the world. Let's see if they really deserve the Pro title, which is present in their domain.




Judging by the date of creation of topics on cryptocurrency forums, the virtual doors of the site opened in July 2016. As a guarantee of their services, 100BTC made substantial deposits at some large sites, like: CENTR, DarkMoney and WWH, which speaks to its safety. 




All of the most popular currencies are present.


Exchange Speed


Most operations are performed automatically. This means that at any time of the day or night you can make a deal instantly. However, some currencies, such as Bitcoin and QIWI, still require the presence of an operator. In this case, the whole process can take a maximum of half an hour:


But judging by the reviews, in reality the operator will need no more than 5 minutes.




Cryptocurrency can be bought at  the average rate.


Support has a friendly customer support that you can message at any given time.


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